Program Materials

Pre-Program Readings

Week 1: E-mailed Article
Douthat, Ross. “It’s Still the 9/11 Era,” The New York Times.  September 4, 2011.

Week 2: Program Readings and Study Guide
Reading #1:
Goldstein, Joshua S. “Think Again: War.” Foreign Policy. September/October 2011.
Available at:

Reading #2:
Smith, David J. “Teaching Peace and Conflict in U.S. Community Colleges.”  2009 Global Issues    Resource Center, Cuyahoga Community College. Available at:

Study Guide

Week #3: E-mailed Article
Schanzer, David. “Our troubled path to greater security,” The News and Observer,  September 11, 2011.

Week #4: E-mailed Article
Feiler, Bruce. “How The Arab Spring Can Bring Christians and Muslims Together,” Time, June 20, 2011.


Peace and Conflict Resources

World View College Updates (September 11th Edition)

United States Institute of Peace
This site offers current information on peace talks and conferences going on now.
It also includes articles discussing how to create peace in various parts of the world.

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
This resource includes articles about contemporary events and visits relating to peace talks. It also discusses possible foreign threats in various articles.

Center for International Development and Conflict Management
This site directs to a list of various resources that discuss peace and conflict issues. It also includes information on various projects taking place by the institute to help resolve issues in various parts of the world.

University for Peace
The University for Peace offers a wide range of articles that discuss conflict in countries such as Pakistan. It also includes general resources about tensions that arise due to societal differences.

Africa Peace and Conflict Network
This resource offers news and articles pertaining to conflict and possible resolution in Africa. 

Amala Foundation
The Amala Foundation conducts projects worldwide to assist less fortunate communities. This site also includes what the foundation has done to improve world conflict.