Frequently Asked Questions

How is World View associated with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?
World View is one of 18 centers or institutes at UNC at Chapel Hill under the Office of the Provost. Established in 1998, World View is a campus-based program and serves as a public service of the University.

What types of resources does World View offer?
World View offers a variety of global education resources for all grade levels and disciplines. Take a look under our Global Resource tab for K-12 and community college specific global ed links and offerings.

What kind of professional development do you offer?
World View runs several annual professional development programs. Go to our program overview page.

How does registration and payment work?
To register for a program you may either register online or submit a program registration form via fax or mail (link to contact information). You may remit payment before or after you register online or submit it with your hard copy registration form. World View does not accept cash or credit cards. No refunds, but credit can be advanced toward future World View programs upon cancellation before a program.

Who attends World View programs?
We have separate and joint programs for K-12 and community college teachers and administrators. Our programs offer something for everybody and are open to educators of all subject areas – Art to Zoology.

How can I become more involved with World View?
Stay regularly connected to World View by joining our Global or College Update listserv, becoming a World View Associate, or by volunteering.

How do I request a global education speaker to come to my school or college?

Go to our World View to You link to access a list of speakers and presentation topics.

I attended a World View program last year and would like to receive my Continuing Education Units. What do I do?
Contact World View’s Program Associate Alexandria Faulkenbury at 919/843-8210 or

How do I borrow foreign currency kits from World View?
Go to our World View Currency Kit link to access our kit contents and borrowing policy.

I heard you have culture kits, is that true?
Actually, that’s Carolina Navigators, a sister program at UNC at Chapel Hill. Go to to find out more their program and how you can borrow their wonderful culture kits.

Do you have any grants, scholarships, or other sources of money to fund participation in programs and/or on study visits?
World View does not offer grants/scholarships for program participation. We often refer educators to check with their local civic organizations, PTAs, or city/county foundations. Community college grants are available to “internationalize” the curriculum. See below for more details.

Are there resources available for community college educators to internationalize their courses?
In collaboration with UNC and Duke’s National Resource Centers, World View facilitates grants to community college educators to create international modules for their courses. Over 50 grants have been awarded to North Carolina community college instructors to date. Each grantee receives $750 to support module creation and a trip to UNC-Chapel Hill for research. At UNC they work with librarians and faculty arranged by World View. Click here for more information.

How do I get to the World View office?
Click here for directions to the World View office.

How do I get added to your Global or College Updates listserv?
Go to our publications page and sign up. It’s that easy.