Author: Holly Loranger

Announcing World View’s OVERBook Project on the Environment and Sustainability 2018 Fellows

We are pleased to announce the finalists for World View’s 2018 OVERBook Project on the Environment and Sustainability. The 12 Fellows represent a variety of disciplines across K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and community college. More information about the Fellows will be

Announcing the 2018 World View Fellows Program: The OVERBook Project on the Environment and Sustainability

K-12 and community college educators of all disciplines from World View partner institutions are invited to apply to the 2018 World View Fellows Program. The OVERBook Project on the Environment and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary professional learning opportunity which aims

Bringing East Asia into the Classroom and World View’s Upcoming Seminar: East Asia: Traditions, Trends and Transformations

East Asia is extraordinarily diverse and complex: culturally, ethnically, geographically, economically. In spite of rapid transitions due to globalization and geopolitical forces, East Asia maintains some of the world’s oldest cultural traditions. East Asia’s complexity, diversity and shifting role in

Upcoming Buddhism in NC Local Study Visit 

Join World View in Chapel Hill on Friday, January 26th for an experiential learning opportunity focused on Buddhism in North Carolina. World View is pleased to offer Buddhism in North Carolina, a local study tour for K-12 and community college

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month – And Resources for Connecting Hispanic Heritage to the Classroom

 Hispanic Heritage Month is dedicated to recognizing the impact and influence of generations of Hispanic Americans on the United States, both as a nation and as a society. Originally established in 1968, Hispanic Heritage month takes place from September 15

Superheroes From Around the Globe– and resources for teaching with them

Wonder Woman opened recently to much praise and solid box office sales, including the top spot in many nations around the world during its debut weekend. One of Wonder Woman’s appeals is that it challenges the typical notion of a