Author: Charlé LaMonica
World View

Neil Bolick Retires from World View: Thank You Neil!

Neil Bolick, Associate Director of World View retired February 28 amongst warm wishes from colleagues, family and friends. Having created and developed World View’s community college program from the very beginning, Neil traveled the state for the past 15 years

Taking Time for Global Poetry: The School Where I Studied by Yehuda Amichai

Poetry, among many things, is a global way to communicate common ground between peoples and cultures. Take a moment today to read the poem The School Where I Studied written by internationally acclaimed poet, Yehuda Amichai. Recognized as one of

Spotlight on Durham Tech: Preparing Students for the Global Workforce

Students today need to be prepared for the global workforce. And educators at Durham Technical College are focusing on meeting that need. On May 11, 2017, educators LaTonya Steele, Michele Parrish and Stephen Brooks from one of World View’s partners,

2017 James L. Peacock Scholarship Winner Announced

When I tell people that I am a high school math teacher interested in global education, I am often met with perplexed stares.  After all, numbers are numbers, no matter where you are in the world.  But, with the help

Fueling Creative Teaching and Learning with Google Cultural Institute

How can teachers use technology with purpose so that learning is the intentional outcome not just “bells and whistles” of the latest technological breakthrough? How can teachers today use technology to unleash curiosity in the classroom? How can teachers stir

What do Olympic athletes, outliers, and a girl from Pakistan all have in common?

They are all subjects of The New York Times 5 top best sellers list in non-fiction paperback. Great educators always focus on students. Carefully crafted lessons and assignments are put together targeting certain learning outcomes. The majority of schools and

Brexit…World View was There!

On June 23 the whole world watched as the votes rolled in and the United Kingdom voted to separate from the European Union. At the exact same time, World View’s delegation of educators on the 2016 study visit to Germany

Education is the Key to Peace

As we all know, our individual and collective worlds can change in an instant. World View joins many around the world to grieve recent attacks on innocent people.

What will you explore in 2016?

Each year at the Global Education Leaders Program we begin the program with three questions: What do you Love? What are you good at doing? Does the world need it? When the Leaders’ cohort begins the discussion they reflect on

World View Joins People Around the World

World View joins people around the world saddened by the recent senseless killings and harm of innocent people, which unfortunately and all too often sweeps across cultures and continents. These tragedies come on the heels of our recent community college