Author: Nancy Bartolome
World View

Acclaimed Galician Bagpiper and Scholar Introduces the World Through the Arts

Cristina Pato is an internationally acclaimed Galician bagpiper and has performed with orchestras around the world in Europe, India, China, Korea and Mexico. Pato and her quartet were recently featured in the fall performance series at the Carolina Performing Arts

Upcoming Cultural Festivities in North Carolina

As summer comes to an end and students are just getting to know their new classmates for the new school year, there are many opportunities for students and teachers to explore the diverse cultures represented by the changing demographics of

Education in Singapore: Changing the Focus from Just Grades

Singapore has a reputation for having a top place in international rankings for its rigorous and extensive educational system.  Many US universities have already established campuses in Singapore including the Chicago Business School, NYU, John Hopkins, and Duke University. Singapore