Brexit…World View was There!


At the EU on Brexit Day

On June 23 the whole world watched as the votes rolled in and the United Kingdom voted to separate from the European Union. At the exact same time, World View’s delegation of educators on the 2016 study visit to Germany toured the EU Parliament. World View educators were able to see first-hand history in the making. In addition to experiencing Brexit, world View educators who participated in the study visit June 18-June 29, 2016 learned about a variety of issues including immigration and the role of the German educational system. They also toured historic sites such as Dachau, Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin Wall and a variety of cultural sites.

The goal of a World View study visit is to help educators become leaders for global education by looking beyond the borders of North Carolina and experiencing a culture, country and people different from their own. With these experiences, educators are better prepared to integrate global education into the curriculum and prepare students for an interconnected and diverse world. The following are comments from our Germany Study Visit participants, July 2016:


Gate to Dachau

While I am an avid reader, I know nothing replaces first-hand experience. Being on the soil at Dachau, seeing the Wall, and visiting the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, made history come alive. We were fortunate to live history because of the timing of the Brexit vote. Seeing and hearing the reactions of the German people was a bonus experience. The school visit was diverse and offered some interesting possibilities for American education. I came away with new understanding of a people, their history and culture. 


Painting by immigrant students

I learned considerable information about the refugee crisis from teachers and students. This allowed me to gain another perspective of the crisis.


Bavarian castle in the mist

I truly enjoyed the experience and learned a great deal about the current state of affairs in Germany, England and France. I feel more informed about several different issues due to experiences I had while on this trip. There is a great deal to be gleaned from studying the EU and how Germany relates to other countries in the EU. Just the fact that we were in the EU Parliament while the Brexit decision was being announced was an interesting experience as well. I got to witness a labor strike in France, the EU Brexit, the social aspect of immigration, and so many other relevant issues. I personally feel like I am bringing a great deal of experience and perspective back with me and into my classroom.

In the summer of 2017 World View will conduct study visits to Latin America and Africa. Study visit details and applications will be announced in September. Stay tuned to the World View website for more information.

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