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NC Global Distinction Program and Curriculum Development Grants for Instructors

NC Global Distinction is a collaboration between NC community colleges and UNC at Chapel Hill to globalize the curriculum and increase faculty and student involvement in global issues, activities and dialogue through the implementation of a global distinction program. This initiative is developing a national model for university-community college cooperation in global learning. Learn more.
As part of the NC Global Distinction Program World View is providing grants funded by UNC National Resource Centers for college-based teams to create global modules for courses they teach. A module is a self-contained unit that infuses global content, context, and connections into the course. Key elements of a module are Global Learning Outcomes, Student Learning Activities and Resources. Modules must contain 2-3 global learning objectives and at least 5 global student learning activities. These modules will be used by colleges in the NC Global Distinction program and will be made available to all colleges in the state through the World View website.
Two types of grants will be awarded, one for college teams and one for individual instructors.

  • A college team will be comprised of 3 faculty or 2 faculty and 1 librarian. They will submit a proposal to create global modules for courses they teach. A team may create modules for 1-3 courses in the same or different disciplines. Each team member will receive $750 upon completion of the module.
  • Individual instructors may apply to create a module for a course they teach. They will receive $750 upon completion of the module.

Grant applications for the 2018-2019 year will be available in fall of 2018.


Globalized Community College Courses

Spreadsheet of Inherently Global and Globalized Courses for NCGD Colleges

World View’s Global Education Leaders Program is a four session program where current and aspiring leaders from K-12 schools, districts and community colleges come together for an intensive examination of global issues that impact students and their communities.