A great start to a New Year…

olivia howes

Like any summer intern starting at a new organization, when I arrived at World View I was excited and very nervous. I expected a summer internship with pretty nice co-workers and interesting opportunities. I was not prepared for the amazing people I would encounter and experiences I would have working at World View.

I began my internship by jumping into a project preparing binders for our Teacher Leader Institute. This program was hosted by World View during the summer to cultivate and spark the drive within North Carolina Teachers to become Global Education Teacher Leaders. After attending the program—with an amazing variety of inspirational speakers, and seeing my work used by the teachers who had come to the event—I became even more motivated to soak in everything I could during my time at World View. At that moment I realized that even though I was working as a student intern for World View, the organization was actually giving me useful professional tools, networking opportunities, and personal development.

I have learned so much about myself and about what it takes to be a part of an organization that works so hard to serve its community. Throughout the summer I continued working with the World View team on various remaining programs, research, and projects that make all the difference to the teachers they serve. I learned how important and valuable it is to collaborate and accept help from the people around you, how every smooth sailing program takes the maximum amount of hard work and attention to detail, and how important global education was to me as a soon-to-be graduate.

Thanks to World View, I now know that upon entering the world as an adult (however scary that might feel!) I can fearlessly say I know I want to do something that furthers World View’s mission. I have always struggled with how to combine my love for the various corners of the world I grew up in and my belief in the power of education, and now World View has provided me with the perfect mixture. This has been a summer of immense personal growth, and I owe that to World View, all that it stands for, and all the incredible people I worked with over the summer. I can never express enough thanks to World View and its team. —Olivia Howes

Thank you Olivia for all your hard work and dedication to World View! You proved to be an invaluable asset to the team and will truly be missed.  You are always welcome!