WV2UvirtualThrough virtual tools, webinars are another accessible and cost-efficient way for educators (especially those located far from Chapel Hill) to receive professional training in global education.

Webinars are online sessions delivered over the internet.  Teachers are able to participate from their own laptop or desktop computers, as long as they have reliable internet access (preferably wired for best connectivity). Live webinars are interactive, so participants are able to fully participate and ask questions via a chat system.

Length and schedule: 
Webinars will be 40-60 minutes in length and can be scheduled at any mutually available time between 8:00am-5:00pm on Monday – Friday.

Number of participants: Webinars will be conducted live, and the host district will be able to invite up to 100 teachers and administrators from around their district to attend.

Cost:  A school or district-based webinar cost is $300. For our partners in counties in the Western and Eastern parts of the state, this can be a more economical option than the cost of mileage for a World View to You! outreach specialist to come to your district.

WV2UvirtualLook for the computer symbol in the list of sessions in our World View to You! catalog to see which can be brought to you virtually! 

For more information please contact Sarah Brady, Program Coordinator at or 919-843-8210