World View to You!

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Not enough time to leave the classroom for a day or two or money for registrations, travel or substitutes? Let World View come to you!  World View offers Partners one to two hour mini sessions and half or full day workshops to help educators from all grade levels and all content areas bring a global perspective to the classroom.  Half and full day workshops offer certificates for Continuing Education Units (CEU).  Choose from the sessions listed or contact World View to develop a customized program for your school or school system.  Each 1 to 2 hour session is $300 or $1,000 for a 4 to 6 hour workshop, plus reimbursement for speaker mileage at the current state rate (0.535 as of January 1, 2017). To estimate mileage, each presenter’s home base is listed with their biographies at the end of the catalog.


World View also offers many sessions via webinar! Through virtual tools, webinars are another accessible and cost-efficient way for educators (especially those located far from Chapel Hill) to receive professional training in global education.

Webinars are online sessions delivered via the internet. Teachers are able to participate form their own laptop or desktop computers, as long as they have reliable internet access (preferably wired for best connectivity). Live webinars are interactive, so participants are able to fully participate and ask questions via a chat session.

Please download the latest World View to You! Catalog 2016-2017 to see what on-site and virtual sessions and workshops are currently offered.

For information or to schedule World View to You! for your school or district, please contact Sarah Brady at or 919-843-8210.

World View to You! Session Requirements

Audio Visual/Technology Requirements: World View requests that a computer, LCD projector, and audio speakers be ready to use at the session site. Some speakers also may need an internet connection. If a webinar is requested, please contact World View to discuss technology needs.

Cost: There is a charge of $300 plus reimbursement for presenter travel for a one to two hour “mini” session. Workshops lasting between four and six hours cost $1,000 for World View Partners ($2,000 for non-Partners), plus reimbursement for each presenter’s travel. World View will invoice you the appropriate fees after the session or workshop is complete. Please inquire if an estimate is needed. If presenters must travel long distances to get to the session site, we ask that you also supply hotel accommodations should a  presenter need to arrive very early or stay late.

World View to You! Catalog 2016-2017