World View: Professional Learning

Through collaborations with other University of North Carolina programs, public and private universities, non-profits, and local business, World View brings together experts from across the country and organizes year-round PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT programs including seminars, workshops, symposiums, online courses, and international study visits. World View professional development programs provide content and best practices for integrating global education in all areas of the curriculum. Programs are for educators of all content areas and grade levels.

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  • PARTNERS’ PROGRAM is a one-day workshop held at a different North Carolina school campus each year specifically for World View Partners. This program will help kick-off your new school year with an introduction to 21st century global issues, globalization, and global education.


  • FALL SYMPOSIUMS explore significant global issues, provide best practices in global education, and allow educators an opportunity to develop a vision for integrating global content in their schools and colleges.


  • The back-to-back SPRING SEMINARS examine regions of the world. Seminar emphasis is on understanding a region’s history and culture, with practical guidance and exchange of curriculum ideas.


  • A SPRING MEDIA WORKSHOP helps school librarians and technology specialists learn how to use technology to make global connections.


  • ONLINE COURSES offered during the school year allow educators to explore global education and globalization issues in depth over a six week period.



  • World View’s INTERNATIONAL STUDY VISITS take educators on a journey of a lifetime. Educators immerse themselves in a foreign land to explore a new culture and gain confidence to add global content to their teaching.


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