Partner with World View

An International Program For Educators

World View helps schools and colleges prepare students to succeed in an interconnected, diverse, and multicultural world. World View accomplishes this mission by helping educators:

• Develop a greater understanding of world regions, cultures, and global issues through professional learning opportunities and international travel.
• Integrate a global perspective into every subject area of the curriculum and at every grade level.
• Respond to rapid cultural and demographic changes in our classrooms and communities.

Partners Make A Difference

World View has partnership agreements with over 100 schools, school systems, and colleges throughout North Carolina. There is no partnership fee, but World View Partners commit to making global learning a priority for all educators and students. Partners must increase the emphasis on educating teachers and administrators about the realities of globalization in the twenty-first century in order to prepare students to live and work in this new environment. Partners are required to send a team of educators to World View’s fall and spring professional development programs and an administrator to the summer Global Education Leaders’ Program. Partners also are asked to send a key educator on one study visit a year. See side panel for list of  World View K-12 and community college partners.

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If you would like more information on how to become a Partner, please contact Director Charlé LaMonica at 919/843-9408 or