Global Education Leaders’ Program


Each June, educational leaders from across the state come to UNC at Chapel Hill for an intensive week-long study of global issues that impact students and communities. The objective is to help educators in leadership positions to plan and implement programs that will increase global understanding by faculty and students. Topics and presentations include: Globalization

  • Cultural Dimensions of Globalization
  • An Economic Perspective
  • Communications Revolution

United States’ Place in the World

  • Education: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Dynamics of U.S. Relationships with world regions

Population Dynamics and Immigration

  • Population Dynamics and Public Health Issues
  • Immigration and Demographic Changes in the South

Environment and Sustainability

  • Critical Global Environmental Issues

Professional Goal Setting 

  • Creating a Vision
  • Discussing Challenges and Opportunities
  • Moving Forward


-Upcoming Program-

2015 Global Education Leaders’ Program June 15-19, Center for School Leadership Development, Chapel Hill, NC

-Archived Leaders’ Programs-