What Participants are Saying



Global Education Leaders’ Program

“This workshop was the best workshop that I have attended in my 25 year career in education.  By best I mean valuable to me as an educational leader” –Principal, Elkin County Schools

“This program is extremely valuable for learning and understanding our complex world. I am impressed with the quality of presenters and resources World View offers. I am excited about growing this partnership” – Associate Superintendent, Buncombe County Schools

This program was so impressive in the high level and quantity of information conveyed, the diversity and skill of speakers, and the professional way in the which the entire program was organized and conducted. “ –Educator, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Online Globalization Course

“I cannot tell you how valuable this course was!  The content was truly an eye-opening experience for me.  I learned an incredible amount of information and am amazed at the resources that will allow me to be a global educator. I would recommend that this course be a part of every classroom teacher’s and principal’s professional development plan.” – Educator, Asheville City Schools, Online Course Participant

“This course was absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to me in the 21 years I’ve been teaching!” –Educator, Union County Public Schools

Partners’ Program

“So impressive! Very well organized and informative! Sometimes we go to conferences kicking and screaming and then leave so glad we’ve come—this has been one like that—thank you!”
–Educator, Rutherford County Schools

“With the fast changes facing the youth of today, we must address globalization in the classroom. Thank you for making all this valuable information available to us. Please continue to provide these learning opportunities for us in the future. Great program!”
– Educator, Rutherford County Schools

“I greatly enjoyed today! Wonderful global perspectives. There was a great balance between intellectually stimulating conversations and practical teaching strategies. This was my first World View conference. I loved it! I am excited about this school year and globalizing my classroom.”– Educator, Union County Public Schools

K-12 Global Education Symposium

“World View has had a tremendous impact on my time as a principal.  The past three years have given an opportunity for our entire school to learn about the world. The parent and community involvement is tremendous.  Thank you for inspiring me through World View.” – Principal, Caldwell County Schools

“The symposium was excellent! I have a renewed awareness of the acute need for our nation to overhaul educational standards and the impact our careers have on changing the direction of learning.” -Elementary School Teacher, Burke County

“My eyes had been closed to the global challenges my students face. Thank you for opening them wide open. ” –AIG Teacher, Cumberland County Schools

Community College Global Education Symposium

“ This has helped clarify my perspective of my students’ world and the need to foster creativity, innovation, and information literacy.”– Chair, Department of Humanities and Communication, Wilkes Community College

“Great program! Knowing what I know now, I wish more of my departmental colleagues had come. I will encourage more participation in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days!” –Humanities Instructor, Fayetteville Technical Community College

“The symposium was very useful in helping to broaden one’s knowledge of how to include a World View and globalization into teaching through technology. There were many resources provided to aid in online course offerings that were new to me.”
–Computer Information Technology Instructor, Vance-Granville Community College

Latin America and North Carolina Seminar

“This was a wonderful conference and has motivated me to not only build relationships with Latinos in my class and community, but has also challenged me to be an advocate and voice for Latino students.” –Teacher, Union County Public Schools

Regional Seminar (Russia)

“Before I came I really didn’t think I had a desire to visitRussia, but now I am excited to find a way to introduce this vibrant culture to my students. Thanks to everyone for all of the hard work that made this program such a success.” –Coordinator, Pitt Community College