World View Works and Why YOU Should Join us in March


Since World View’s beginning in 1998, we have provided countless hours of professional development to thousands of educators.  We have helped support global education to K-12 and community college teachers and administrators who have been facing the changing demographics in our state and the challenges and opportunities of our world becoming increasingly interconnected.  Local is global and vice versa.  World View helps make these connections and provides strategies and resources to create global learning environments in our schools and community colleges.

idea7_page_1Our past programs have focused on almost all regions of the world and on critical global issues.  In a survey conducted last spring, we found that WORLD VIEW PROGRAMS WORK.  Not only do the presenters and sessions routinely receive high marks for the value of the content and quality of the presentation, but 95% of the educators responding to the survey said that their ability to promote global awareness in their schools and classrooms increased. Ninety-eight percent agreed that their time was well spent at the World View program they attended. As for learning strategies for integrating global content into instruction, 95% were exposed to new strategies and 97% agreed that their knowledge of global issues deepened.

But World View is more than just an event or a program.  If you’ve come to a World View symposium, workshop or leadership program, or perhaps you’ve traveled to one of the dozen countries we have taken educators to, you know that World View is special, unique, even energizing!  Where else can you be with a network of professionals who are interested in or passionate about the world and helping students build their own global competency to become active global citizens? World View provides a stage for showcasing best practices, having conversations and sharing ideas to help all of us move forward and bring the world to North Carolina classrooms.

Join us in March to deepen your knowledge, learn new strategies for incorporating content relevant to Latin America and Africa and to be energized. Both of World View’s spring programs support educators working with diverse diaspora populations, including those from Latin America and the African continent.  Believe me — your time will be well spent!

Latin America and North CarolinaLatin America and North Carolina
MARCH 28-29, 2017
North Carolina’s Latinx population has grown 136% since 2000, and Latinx now make up 9% of the state’s population. The Latin America and North Carolina seminar will help educators address the unique challenges and opportunities this brings to our classrooms. This program will delve into the history, culture and education systems of these immigrants’ home countries and will feature innovative model programs for better understanding and supporting North Carolina’s Latinx students and families. World View looks forward to helping your educators improve their multicultural understanding and skills!

bannerStories of Africa – Connected Over Time and Across the Globe
MARCH 29-30, 2017
Heeding author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s warning about the dangers of a single story, World View’s seminar on Africa seeks to highlight the diversity of lived experiences within the continent of Africa and the interconnectedness of Africa with other nations.

We hope that educators do the following:
1. Learn something new about the continent of Africa or challenge an existing belief.
2. Articulate at least one example of how Africa is connected over time or across the globe.
3. Identify a global issue that impacts Africa and is relevant to their educational community.

Need financial help to attend a March seminar?  Click here for more information on current scholarship opportunities.  REGISTER today and we’ll see you in March!

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