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K-5 | 6-8 | 9-12 | Community College | Materials by Song


Cross Cultural Comparisons with Chinese, American and Indian Music
By Susan Azzu

Partner Song Creative Movement with “Water is Wide/Wusuli Boat Song”
By Leslie Roberts
Water Wusuli Lyrics Breakdown Sheet
Visual Prompt Cards
Creative Movement Group Performance Rubric

Exploring Body Percussion Through “Banjo Guzheng Pickin’ Girls”
By Leslie Roberts
“Banjo Guzheng Pickin’ Girls” Listening Guide
“Banjo Guzheng Pickin’ Girls” Form Visuals
Body Percussion Template
Body Percussion Juba Visuals
Creative Group Body Percussion Performance Rubric

Exploring the Intersection of Appalachian and Chinese Culture through the Music of Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei
By Candace Williamson


Exploring Women’s Rights through the Music of Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei
By Brock Gerrity
Exploring Women’s Rights… Lesson Materials
Exploring Women’s Rights… Vocabulary Activity

Exploring Women’s Rights Through the Song “Pretty Bird”
By Brock Gerrity
Pretty Bird Lesson Materials
Pretty Bird Women’s Suffrage Biography
Pretty Bird Description Transcript

Using “Water is Wide/Wusuli Boat Song” to Explore Lullabies
By Karen Richardson
Water is Wide/Wusuli Boat Song Comparison
Lyrics for Additional Lullabies
“We Will Rock You” lyrics

Triple Meter & Quadruple Meter: Comparing and Combining them in Musical Compositions
By Karen Richardson
Exploring Quadruple and Triple Meter
Four Seasons Text Comparison

Leaving Home: Journeys across America and China
By Katharine Zamarra


By Erica Hefner
Avarguli Student Instructions
Four Seasons Student Instructions
Remix Assessment Rubric
Remix Family Interview

Using STEAM to Depict the Meaning of the Music of Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei
By Joann Blumenfeld
Using STEAM-Meaning of Songs
Using STEAM-Storyboard
Using STEAM-What I Learned
Using STEAM-Letter
Using STEAM-Stop Motion Rubric
Using STEAM-Flying Bird Rubric
Using STEAM-Paper Airplane Rubric

Folk Music Beyond Boundaries
By William Jung
Folk Music Beyond Boundaries Quiz

Community College

Shared Cultural Experiences
By Rick Laws
Power of Music Around the World PowerPoint
Shared Cultural Experiences Assessment

Do You Hear What I Hear?
By Judith Porter

It’s Your ‘Thang’: Creating Your Own Musical Instrument
By Judith Porter

Kodachrome: Capturing Life Through Music and Visuals
By Judith Porter

Materials by Song

Track 1: “Water is Wide/Wusuli Boat Song”

Track 2: “Four Seasons Medley: Four Seasons/Dark Ocean Waltz”

Track 3: “Ping Tan Dance”

Track 4: “Banjo Guzheng Pickin’ Girls”

Track 5: “Who Says Women Aren’t as Good as Men”

Track 6: “The Roving Cowboy/Avarguli”

Track 7: “Weaving Medley: Busy Weaving/ Julianne Johnson/ Open Little Hand/ Back Step Cindy”

Track 9: “Ho Hey/ Cluck Old Hen”

Track 10: “Pretty Bird”