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Dr. Myra Cox

Participation in my first World View seminar made me, as a professional, more culturally aware and allowed me to see the value in cultural diversity.

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Dr. Lawrence Rouse

Pitt is increasing its global capacity by ensuring that our faculty and staff are given the opportunities to engage in programs such as UNC World View that focus on the … Continued

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Susanne Long

UNC World View’s mission is to equip educators. The professional development offerings, resources, and collaborative connections have provided a lift to the ongoing work we do, preparing students for career … Continued

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Ashley Knowles

Had I not had the privilege of traveling with World View, this would have not happened for my students. I don’t know that I would have this drive to have … Continued

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Andrea Freile

If we train our students to communicate and work effectively across cultures, we are investing in our community while preparing our citizens to adapt to a highly competitive global market.

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Brent Williams

I am very excited about the unfailing determination and tireless efforts of our outstanding students, teachers, administrators, and other staff members.

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