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Sarah Brady | August 15, 2018

On Tuesday, August 14, 2018 World View partnered with Buncombe County Schools and LEAF for a day of global-themed professional development for K-12 educators. The day started out with a drumming performance from Masankho Banda, a Malawian drummer and artist, and continued to a keynote performance and talk from musicians and storytellers Kim and Reggie Harris. Educators then broke out into three rounds of sessions, choosing from over 40 options that focused on tech and digital tools, global resources and opportunities, cultural competency, the arts and more. During lunch, artist Jenny Pickens facilitated the creation of a “Passports to Peace” global education mural. The day ended with a powerful keynote speech from Saul Flores, a photographer and storyteller.

Photo credit for this image and title image: Buncombe County Schools Communications Department

Dr. Cheri Boone, a Buncombe County Schools Global Education Specialist, said, “The summit afforded educators a unique blend of K-12 curricula content woven within the context of global awareness and layered with visual and performing arts. All of this was delivered by local and nationally renowned teaching and performing artists and peers who specialize in integrating curricula content and delivering best practices.”

A special thank you to all the educators who joined us at North Buncombe High School. We are appreciative of everything you do to integrate global education into your classrooms, schools and districts and we wish you a fantastic start to the school year!

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