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Hazael Andrew | August 27, 2019

World View is very excited to announce the opening of the global distinction curriculum grant application for community college educators. Instructors at World View’s partner community college institutions get the opportunity to globalize a course they teach by creating a global module. A global module is a self-contained unit that infuses global content, context and connections into a course. Global modules are reviewed by staff at World View, and instructors who are selected receive $750 to experience a formal research visit to UNC-Chapel Hill where they meet with faculty experts, librarians, and staff from UNC National Resource Center.

For the 2018-2019 year, World View hosted 11 instructors for research visits who had positive experiences. One participant shared, “The meetings were very helpful in determining what kind of information can be found in the UNC libraries and what sort of sources I would find helpful for my project.” Another participant claimed, “The experience of meeting the librarians was so helpful. I would highly recommend it. Their familiarity with the resources helped me focus on the areas I needed.” We were grateful to host so many amazing instructors from our partner community college institutions.

For 2019-2020, research grants are available for global modules covering Africa, Asia, Europe and the European Union, Latin America, the Middle East and Muslim civilizations. For additional details, including deadlines and application resources, please visit the global distinction curriculum page. Additional questions regarding the grant can be directed to Hazael Andrew at or 919.843.5332.