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Charlé LaMonica | August 16, 2021

-Joint statement of principles in support of international education.

Reengaging the World to Make the United States Stronger at Home:

 A Renewed U.S. Commitment to International Education

The United States cannot afford to be absent from the world stage: US leadership and engagement makes an essential difference abroad, as well as home. Indeed, in today’s interconnected world our foreign and domestic policies are inextricably intertwined in pursuit of a preeminent goal – improving the lives of the American people.

For centuries, educators have been inextricably linked and tasked with improving the lives of the students they serve. Education has always been viewed as the way out of poverty, the way into creating a fulfilling life. Great educators ask their students not, what do you want to be? But, what life do you want to create for yourself? Most people would agree that formal education begins in pre-school and /or kindergarten. During these extraordinary times of the pandemic, formal education is virtual or in-person, traditional or experiential. Educators around the world focus on teaching and learning. They are passionate and determined to meet the needs of each student. Teaching is a craft that is complicated and exciting; it is challenging and rewarding.

As we face this academic year, committed to preparing students for this interconnected world, let us take things one day at a time. What information  about the world will we intentionally share with our students? How can we create a space for creative dialogue about a global issue that propels students to use  critical thinking skills and kindness and compassion? How can we as educators cultivate curiosity about the world in which we live and cultivate curiosity about  the rich diversity of the planet and people?

The national renewed commitment to international education comes at a time when it is clear that many of the pressing challenges of the day can only be solved by working together. An expansive  K-12 and community college curriculum, emboldened with global perspectives and global content, equips students for this ever changing world.

The UNC World View team is committed to working with all K-12 and community college educators. If you have not already done so, please take time to review this joint statement of principles in support of international education issued at the end of July 2021 by the U.S. Departments of State and Education.

Share it with your colleagues and let’s all work together to prepare the next generation of global leaders.

Looking forward to your participation in UNC World View programs this year and wishing you a safe and productive school year.

Charlé LaMonica

Director, UNC World View