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Susan O'Rourke | February 22, 2023

Last week, educators in the UNC World View Teacher-Student Initiative went on two virtual visits to Chapel Hill, NC and Quito, Ecuador! Members of the UNC World View Teacher-Student met on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons with experts working at UNC-Chapel Hill/ the UNC Galápagos Center and the Universidad de Quito de San Francisco to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming UNC World View Students Day.

In April, Professor Diego Riveros-Iregui and Prof. Deborah Morillo will be Zooming into NC high school classrooms to teach local students about the biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands and the diverse identities and artistic traditions of Ecuador, respectively. This week’s virtual sessions allowed NC teachers to talk directly with Prof. Riveros-Iregui, and Prof. Morillo about connections between their subjects’ curricula and the unique research these experts work on. Stephanie Morgan of Pisgah High School in Canton, NC was excited about the ways research on goats in the Galapagos could be incorporated into lessons on exponential decay while Jennifer Slusser was interested in the ways contemporary Ecuadorian art can help teach students about Ecuador’s cultural and linguistic diversity.

We at UNC World View are so glad to facilitate this unique collaboration between NC teachers, students, Prof. Riveros-Iregui, Prof. Deborah Morillo! We look forward to seeing the creative and content-packed lessons that these talented educators develop!

To learn more about UNC World View and to meet the educators participating in the Teacher-Student Initiative visit