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By Nicholas Allen | April 14, 2021

It’s time to sign up for Carolina Navigators’ Spring 2021 Virtual Cultural Festival on Friday, April 23rd! All sessions are FREE and open to all K-12 educators, parents, and students.

Our presenters are UNC students who have intercultural expertise. Our festival schedule is below. Sign up for the session(s) you’re interested in and we’ll email you the link to join the session before the festival!

Our festival will work a bit differently this year, since some K-12 students are learning remotely, and some are at school in-person. Typically, a teacher signs up their class to attend. This year you have a few options:

1) The teacher can sign up their classes to attend, and then forward our emails with links to join to K-12 students and their parents to join from their homes.

2) Parents can sign up their children who are home schooling to attend.

3) Teachers can sign up their in-person classes to attend from school.

Click here to meet some of our UNC student presenters!


SESSION #1: 9-10 AM, Transportation in Cuba and El Salvador, Presenters-Ava and Sammie (Level: Elementary, but open to K-12)

SESSION #2: 10:15-11:15 AM, Wildlife in Peru and Thailand, Presenters-Michelle and Sarah (Level: Elementary, but open to K-12)

SESSION #3: 1-2 PM, Government in Cuba, India, and China, Presenters-Gargi, Cynthia, and Jake (Level: Secondary, but open to upper Elementary)

About the Virtual Cultural Festival:

  • Please sign up in advance by Thursday, 4/22 at 5 PM in order to get Zoom links and passwords.
  • Each presentation lasts 40-45 minutes with 15-20 minutes for Q&A from the K-12 students.
  • We will be live-streaming to both Zoom and YouTube, so if your school is not allowed to use Zoom, or our Zoom capacity fills up, you can watch through YouTube instead.
  • We welcome questions from you and your students during the presentation via the chat in Zoom and the comments in YouTube (there is a 20 second delay when streaming from ZOOM to YouTube, so please be patient with us until we see your comments).
  • You’re welcome to come and go as it suits you and your students. You can attend the full presentations, or just the Q&A portion of each presentation.
  • Each presentation will be recorded and available to watch on our YouTube channel after editing. (All K-12 students videos will be off anyways, but we do always blur out K-12 student faces before posting on our channel).
  • Our main audience is NC educators, but out-of-state or country teachers and their students are welcome to attend.

Presentation Info & Tips:

  • To participate you will need: an internet connection, projection screen (if at school), and audio speakers.
  • If you plan to use ZOOM please download the free ZOOM launcher (Zoom Client for Meetings) to your computer in order to to join the session, if you don’t already have it.
  • Be sure to try out ZOOM prior to the day of the presentations to make sure that it is not blocked by your school’s firewall.
  • *We will mute everyone’s mic during the session. This will improve the sound quality for everyone.*


  • ZOOM links to join will not be posted anywhere publicly, and a password will be required. Links will only be emailed to teachers that sign up the day before the event. 
  • All K-12 student and classroom videos will be off, and they will be muted. Only presenters’ videos will be on.
  • We will be using the Zoom webinar format, and participants will not be allowed to unmute themselves or turn their videos on.
  • Private chat will be turned off in Zoom. Chat to “everyone” will be enabled.
  • The Program Manager of Carolina Navigators will attend every session along with the UNC student presenters.
  • K-12 Teachers must attend sessions their students are attending, even if the students are attending remotely.
  • While live-streaming from Zoom to YouTube, we will live-stream to an unlisted YouTube link, as opposed to a public link. We will not be able to get this YouTube links in advance, so we will try to start each livestream 10 minutes before the presentation time, and email out the unlisted YouTube link to everyone that signed up right before each presentation begins. 
  • PERMISSION SLIP: We highly recommend that teachers have their students’ parents sign this digital permission slip in order to attend the festival. Parents can complete the digital permission slip, or teachers can print off hard copies of the permission slip to send home with students. If teachers use hard copies, we ask that they scan the permission slips and email us a copy of them at Since it is a short turn around time, we recommend using the digital permission slip. 

Questions? Email us!