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Julie Kinnaird | July 30, 2019

Pura Vida! This simple phrase encompasses much of the way of life in Costa Rica. Its direct translation means pure life or simple life, but it is also used as a greeting, a goodbye and so much more including the sentiment of a simple, relaxed way of looking at life. This month 24 North Carolina educators traveled to Costa Rica to experience Pura Vida firsthand.

The Costa Rica study visit participants came from almost a dozen counties across North Carolina. Most were K-12 classroom teachers, but there were also principals and several community college educators as well. Each came with an open heart and open mind to be immersed in a country and culture different from their own, building their own cultural competencies and confidence as a global educator.

In just ten short days we visited schools, discussed educational practices in the U.S. and Costa Rica with educators, explored agricultural, historical and cultural sites and were graciously accepted by host families. We discovered similarities in our lives and profession, and delved deeper into the differences in educational practice, history, politics and culture. At the same time, we made friends for life and shared the beautiful views of Costa Rica’s lush environment and its flora and fauna. Many participants commented that this was an adventure of a lifetime.

The study visit participants will come back together in early September to discuss ways to bring this immersive experience in Costa Rica to the classroom. World View looks forward to supporting all the endeavors and initiatives that come from this AMAZING experience!