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Hazael Andrew | February 13, 2019

UNC’s Jess Stanford, a North Carolina-focused demographer claims that migration has been a driving force in North Carolina’s total educational attainment. Between 1990 and 2016, the state’s population of working-age adults (25-64) with an associate degree or higher grew by 1.3 million residents. The majority of these individuals (70%) were born in another state or country (Carolina Demography, 2018). World View’s global migration seminar, designed with the aforementioned demographics in mind, is scheduled for March 20-21 at UNC-Chapel Hill and will feature scholars and educators from schools and institutions across North Carolina. The seminar will address topics such as migration and heath, working with immigrant students, international human rights treaties and intercultural learning. Presenters will examine migration impacting multiple world regions, including Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.

World View’s partners shared their perspectives on the importance of a seminar on global migration. Anne Tomalin, a National Board Certified Teacher with 29 years of experience shared the following, “It’s important for educators to learn about the causes and effects of global migration because the growth of immigrant and refugee populations in North Carolina communities presents new challenges for schools and social services.” Anne will speak to this during her concurrent session on meeting the needs of the immigrant communities. Scott Temple of Pitt Community College had the following to say, “My English and Humanities classes are opportunities to engage students to explore hidden assumptions within their own communities. When students converse in meaningful dialogue, the nuance of cultural differences can be shared, without being reductive.” Scott will share information about his project- At a Stranger’s Table: An In-Depth Introduction of the East Coast Migrant Farmworker at the seminar.

We at World View are excited for the learning that will occur at the global migration seminar and look forward to seeing you there!


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