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By Nicholas Allen | June 9, 2021

The 2020-2021 grant cycle for the Scholar of Global Distinction Program has closed and community college instructors from across the state (and beyond!) have finalized their globalized course modules. The grant program, which is funded in partnership with the Duke-UNC Area Studies Centers, provides stipends to community college instructors who create original global content for an established community college course, whether it is intrinsically global or not. Successful grant applicants meet with UNC faculty, area study center staff, and UNC librarians to enhances their research into the course material. Once complete, the modules enter our catalog of globalized community college courses, which is an unrestricted resource to educators everywhere. To learn more about the N.C. Scholar of Global Distinction’s curriculum grants, click here. To be notified when the 2021-2022 grant cycle opens, sign up for our listserv below.

The 2020-2021 globalized course modules cover an array of disciplines: from economics to global cuisines, North Carolina’s community college instructors never fail to surprise and impress with their knack for applying a global lens. Veterans of Global Distinction curriculum development Amy Levine (Piedmont Community College) and Ping Liang (Forsyth Technical Community College) focused on the humanities for their latest research. Levine globalized ART 121, Two-Dimensional Design, and Liang worked on HUM 220, Human Values & Meaning. The courses integrate global content from the Middle East and Asia, respectively. Dr. Debra Ford of Davidson-Davie Community College globalized ACA 122, College Transfer Success with content from Asia as well. A final module on Asia comes from out of state. Dr. Tina Angjellari-Daici of Florida State College at Jacksonville worked on ECO 2013, Economics I: Principles of Macroeconomics. Katie Hester of Piedmont Community College worked in-depth on ocean acidification while globalizing BIO 111, General Biology 1, with content on Latin America. Chef Mark Dowling was the only scholar to address Africa in this year’s funding cycle in his course CUL 230, Global Cuisines. Never to be boxed in, Chef Mark integrated Instagram as a resource for each of his global learning activities. Finally, Liane She and Kimberly Miller from Stanly Community College paired up to create global content for SOC 210, Sociology. Please share these impressive resources on your campus to help us bring global content to every discipline! Our full library of globalized community college resources is available here.