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By Nicholas Allen | April 29, 2021

Courtesy of NCTA at the Program for Teaching East Asia, University of Colorado Boulder:

In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2021 and in response to Anti-Asian racism, the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia at the Program for Teaching East Asia is offering Resources and Strategies for Teaching about Asian America and Addressing Anti-Asian Racism.” Designed as a “tool kit” for classroom teaching and discussion during the month of May and beyond, the resource list provides four sections focusing on learning, engaging, acting, and supporting.

I. Contemporary Context, Understanding Asian American Experiences, and Standing up for Asian America. Resources in this section provide a primer on today’s context and why it matters.

II. Historical Context, Civil Rights Icons, and Related Curriculum. Focusing on the history of Asian America, this section highlights exemplary classroom resources from one-day lessons to extensive units to interactive online sites.

III. Anti-racism Resources, Curriculum, and Community Organizations. This section highlights resources for considering what it means to be an anti-racist educator and for moving towards becoming an anti-racist.

IV. Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Support. This section offers links to webinars and resources for Asian American students, parents, educators, and allies facing anti-Asian racism.

Access “Resources and Strategies for Teaching about Asian America and Addressing Anti-Asian Racism” here.