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Nicholas Allen | December 16, 2019

NCMA has announced a self-paced online course that will employ art from the museum’s collection as a framework to explore global issues and cultivate cross-cultural comprehension. Participants will develop skills in inquiry-driven, art-based practices that you can bring to your students.

According to NCMA’s website, participants will

  • Gain knowledge of world issues and events and develop awareness of their interconnectedness
  • Deepen knowledge of your own cultural background and identity
  • Develop an appreciation of others’ perspectives or worldviews with respect towards diversity and difference
  • Learn skills to help students take action
  • Make connections to your curriculum and learn about the connections your colleagues are making with theirs

The course is designed for all disciplines and audiences interested in global study and art integration. Participation will take about 10 hours and CEU will be offered.

Find out more and register here.