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Susan O'Rourke | February 15, 2023

Black History Month surrounded by colorful design

Black History Month provides an opportunity for students to learn about the multifaceted history of Black communities in the U.S. and around the world and for educators to identify how to ensure that Black history is infused through the year-long curriculum. Each year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History announces a theme for Black History Month that helps individuals both nuance and expand their knowledge of Black history. The theme of 2023 is “Black Resistance.” This theme presents a great opportunity for educators to study the local and global individuals who have “[advocated] for a self-determined life in a just democratic society in the United States and beyond” and the “Black led institutions and affiliations [which] have lobbied, litigated, legislated, protested, and achieved success.”

Educators can bring in this concept of resistance as they teach about Black leadership and identify trailblazers and industry leaders across fields. For example, cosmetology educators might study the impact of Dame Pat McGrath, one of the most successful makeup artists in the world and the first to be honored by the British Crown. Educators working in history and agricultural sciences might discuss the experiences of Black farmers as they sought to secure property rights and loans, experimented with new crops, or revolutionized urban farming in their communities.

Check out the following resources below for more ideas!

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