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Sarah Brady | September 13, 2017

Charlé LaMonica, World View’s director, talked to UNC-Chapel Hill’s podcast Well Said about the origin of World View, the resources and professional development programs offered to educators and the importance of global education.

Charlé and Well Said go in-depth about the origin of World View, the strong link between World View and UNC-Chapel Hill, the meaning of “global readiness” and World View’s upcoming programs and resources.

Listen to the podcast here

We are designed to really serve K-12 and community college educators by equipping them with global content and then skills and strategies to use in their classrooms, schools and community colleges in order to prepare their students to be citizens of the world and to be globally competitive in the workplace. . . . As we all know, all it takes is a great teacher to make really wonderful things happen in a classroom. And if the teacher is filled with inspiration and curiosity and knowledge and excitement about skills and strategies and how to use that knowledge, then the classroom comes alive. . . . That is why professional development is so important for educators, so that they come back every school year ready to infuse new ideas and new thinking and have new conversations in their classrooms.” —Charlé LaMonica