Our Programs

Through collaborations with other University of North Carolina programs, public and private universities, non-profits, local businesses and educators, World View brings together experts to contribute to year-round PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT programs. These programs provide content and best practices for integrating global education in all areas of the curriculum, and across grade levels.  Upon completion of program requirements, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are offered for K-12 educators and Professional Development Contact Hours are provided for community college educators. Below is additional information on each program.


K-12 and community college educators convene each fall for the K-12 GLOBAL EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM  and COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYMPOSIUM , and in spring, for our SEMINARS. These programs offer intense, multi-day sessions that explore significant global issues, examine regions of the world, provide best practices in global education and allow educators an opportunity to develop a vision for integrating global content in their schools and colleges.

The MEDIA WORKSHOP helps K-12 school librarians and technology specialists create a global media center, support teachers in all content areas and use technology to make global connections.

At the GLOBAL EDUCATION LEADERS PROGRAM, current and aspiring K-12 and community college leaders from across the state come to Chapel Hill for an intensive examination of global issues that impact students and their communities.


World View kicks off the school year with the PARTNERS PROGRAM, an intensive one-day workshop for K-12 World View Partners held at a different North Carolina school each year. Educators learn about 21st century global issues and gain practical advice on techniques they can use in their classroom. Through WORLD VIEW TO YOU! K-12 partners may schedule affordable on-site workshops on a range of topics designed to help educators from all grade levels and content areas bring a global perspective to their classroom.


INTERNATIONAL STUDY VISITS take groups of educators to destinations around the world to experience a country and culture different from their own. Participants visit schools, colleges, non-governmental organizations and significant historic and cultural sites to gain an in-depth understanding of the country and region. Pre- and post-trip workshops ensure participants are well prepared before they leave and supported afterwards integrating what they’ve learned into their teaching.


World View recognizes that not everyone learns in the same way or has the resources necessary to leave the classroom or the building.  To meet these needs, K-12 educators can participate in World View virtually through our WORLD VIEW TO YOU! WEBINARS.