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The UNC World View Global Fellows Program: Exploring Indigenous Cultures: Ancient North Carolinians, Past and Present


Through the 2021-2022 UNC World View Fellows Program we will explore the ancient peoples that lived in North Carolina and who represent today’s vibrant American Indian populations. Understanding past indigenous lifeways — their complexity, resiliency, and vitality — allows for a greater appreciation of the contributions American Indians made to the past and continue to make to the present and future of North Carolina.

The UNC World View Fellows Program is a partnership with the UNC Research Laboratories of Archaeology and the UNC American Indian Center. We will utilize the expertise available at UNC-Chapel Hill to expand participants’ knowledge of indigenous peoples, past and present, and support educators in developing culturally appropriate, relevant and historically accurate curriculum for teaching about American Indian peoples and cultures, specifically ancient North Carolinians.

Fellows will develop and publish comprehensive lesson plans that engage K-12 and community college students in learning about North Carolina’s indigenous cultures by using the Ancient North Carolinians: A Virtual Museum of NC Archeology website.

Meet the 2021-2022 Fellows

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