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Hazael Andrew is the Associate Director of UNC World View. As part of his role, Hazael plans and administers professional development programs for K-12 and community college educators. He collaborates with 31 community colleges in North Carolina and Florida on the Scholar of Global Distinction program, a program where community colleges and their faculty commit to develop and offer globally intensive courses and activities through which students can earn a global distinction credential from UNC World View.  

Prior to joining UNC World View, Hazael directed the student affairs experience of 4,200 first-year residential students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Beyond domestic educational engagement, Hazael has extended his strategic global engagement, where he worked in China, piloting a large-scale summer academic enrichment program for Chinese, Indian and American students at Duke Kunshan University. Similarly, Hazael created an inaugural program for UNC Chapel Hill that cultivated a new collaborative relationship with the University of the West Indies, exposing students in the United States to the British education system, and fostering increased cultural awareness through travel and engagement in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Hazael’ s educational background includes a Ph.D. in Educational Studies with a concentration in Cultural Foundations from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, an MBA in Finance from Mississippi State University, and a dual bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics and Finance from Fayetteville State University.