Foreign Currency Kits

This World View resource  helps educators infuse global content across the curriculum at all grade levels. The Foreign Currency Kit contains currency, both bills and coins, from over 35 countries and may be borrowed by educators in North Carolina. It is designed for K-12 educators as a learning tool, using tangible items to teach about people and places, as well as a means for integrating global content across multiple subject areas. Interested higher education educators may also borrow the Kit.

How can I borrow a Kit?
Any North Carolina educator may borrow an available Kit for up to three weeks.

World View Foreign Currency Kit Lending Agreement Form

Please fill out the following form to request a Currency Kit.
    I have read and agree to the lending policies as stated on page 1 to borrow a World View Foreign Currency Kit for a period of no more than three (3) weeks. After the lending period, I agree to ensure that all materials are safely packaged and returned to World View. I understand that I am responsible for and agree to pay any shipping charges incurred in order to return the Foreign Currency Kit to World View by the assigned due date. If any items are lost or damaged, I agree to reimburse World View the cost to replace missing or damaged items or for the full charge of the kit, $150.00.

What’s in the Box?
Money! In each Currency Kit there are coins and bills from over 35 countries or territories. The Foreign Currency Kit also contains useful reference books, a map, an inventory of coins and bills included and their country or territory of origin, as well as suggested educator activities.

I’ve got the Kit, now what?
Before you begin, we ask that you please look over and confirm the inventory of currency and make sure that all items that should be in your kit are actually in the box. In each educator packet there is a list of Currency Kit items. Please let us know if something is missing. Listed below are also links to each kit’s currency inventory, in case you would like another copy. We’ve also included links below to other useful documents including the educator materials, the lesson plan template, and a questionnaire so that you can give us any feedback or advice for making the Currency Kit better!

Once you’ve inventoried the Kit, please look through the suggested activities. If you develop your own lesson plan or a successful activity that you’d like to share please send us a lesson plan using World View’s lesson plan template. Click here or see link below.

How do I return the Kit to World View?
Please review the Kit’s inventory and ensure that all items are properly and securely returned in the Kit’s mailing box.
Mail Kit to:
World View
230 E. Cameron Ave, CB 8011
UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8011

If you’d like to return the Kit in person we’d love to see you! World View is located in the Carr Building, 2nd floor, 230 E. Cameron Avenue, Chapel Hill, NC. Our offices are generally open Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm. Click here for directions.

Links to other useful documents:
Currency Kit Educator Materials
Currency Kit Lesson Plan Template
Currency Kit Feedback Questionnaire

Teacher Inventory
KIT #1
KIT #2
KIT #3
KIT #4

For more information please contact Sarah Brady at or 919-843-8210.