The World View Richardson Lecture honors Richard J. Richardson, former Provost of UNC-Chapel Hill, with a public lecture by a renowned guest speaker.

A noted political scientist, distinguished professor and faculty chair, Dr. Richardson served on the University faculty from 1969 until his retirement in 2000. He is lauded as one of the most accomplished classroom teachers in UNC-Chapel Hill’s 227-year history and celebrated for his dedication to community service. As Provost, Dr. Richardson founded World View in 1998 alongside James Peacock and World View Director Emeritus Robert Phay.

The event raises funds for scholarships that expand access to World View programs, particularly for educators from underserved communities.

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When: Fall 2020



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Past Richardson Lecturers

2019 – Shelly Weiner and Rachel Kizhnerman
Two Hidden Children: A Holocaust Story

Shelly Weiner was born in Rivne, Poland and was 4 when Nazis invaded her town. Laws forbidding Jews from work and school were passed, and her family realized all Jews would be killed or deported to camps. A farm family in a nearby village where Shelly’s aunt lived served as hiding for 28 months on top of a barn and in an underground bunker. There were four in hiding: Shelly, Shelly’s mother, Rachel, and Rachel’s mother. In 1949, after World War II, Shelly’s family came to the United States. She grew up in Philadelphia and has been living in Greensboro since 1972.

Rachel Kizhnerman and her mother decided to stay in Russia after the war. Rachel went to school in Ukraine and then moved to St. Petersburg where she went to college. In 1980 she and her mother came to the United States and moved to Greensboro.

Shelly and Rachel will be talking about their memories and experiences as young children hidden during the Second World War. This event is co-sponsored by the Friday Center in conjunction with World View’s Global Education Leaders Program.

2018 – Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher

Pulitzer Prize Finalist
Editorial cartoonist for The Economist and The Baltimore Sun

Kal Kallaugher is the international award–winning editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine of London and The Baltimore Sun. In a distinguished career that spans 39 years, Kal has created over 8,000 cartoons and 140 magazine covers. His résumé includes six collections of his published work, exhibitions in a dozen countries and awards and honors in seven countries. The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons said of Kal, “Commanding a masterful style, Kallaugher stands among the premier caricaturists of the century.”


2016 – Aziz Sancar

2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Recipient
Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Aziz Sancar, M.D., Ph.D. is the Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine, where he has worked since 1982. He was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for mechanistic studies of DNA repair, increasing our understanding of the living cell, cancer and the aging process. Dr. Sancar was born in southeastern Turkey to parents who had no formal education but considered school essential for their children. He obtained his M.D. at Istanbul University and his Ph.D. at the University of Texas, Dallas.

“Dr. Sancar was an extraordinary choice for the inaugural Richardson Lecture. We were a privileged (and rapt) audience to hear of his journey from a village in Turkey to international recognition of his important DNA work with the 2015 Nobel Prize in chemistry. His emphasis on education stimulated by his mother, fostered by those who mentored him over many years, and expressed in his teaching and mentoring of students as well as the STEM program he started in Turkey, most certainly exemplify the ‘power of education and its consequent goodness.'”

 —Participant, Inaugural Richardson Lecture, 2016