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World View expands access to its global professional development programs by offering a limited number of scholarships, based on funding availability, for K-12 and community college educators to attend its spring seminars each year.

James L. Peacock Scholarship

The Peacock Scholarship is open to educators who have attended at least one World View professional development program in the past two years. The scholarship honors former World View Advisory Board chair James L. Peacock, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In 2020, the James L. Peacock Scholarship will be presented to one (1) K-12 educator who has attended a World View professional development program during the 2018-19 or 2019-20 academic year and has demonstrated a commitment to bringing the world to North Carolina students. Past program participation can include attendance at a symposia, seminar, workshop, Global is Local program, global education summit, fellows program, leadership program or study visit abroad. In 2020, the scholarship will be applied to the following spring seminar: March 24-25, 2020 K-12 Seminar, Global Conflict and Peacebuilding.

Application Process:
We want to hear about your global education successes and commitment to global education! Please share your story and submit a short essay (no more than 500 words) describing how your participation in a World View professional development program has impacted your instruction or classroom, including a short description of an activity you implemented with your students. Please also describe how attending the World View seminar will advance global learning in your classroom or school. Please submit your final essay and no more than three photographs and/or a two minute or less video to Julie Kinnaird, Associate Director of K-12 at

Scholarship is valued at $175 (or $200 for non-Partners) and does not include funding for travel to/from Chapel Hill to attend the seminar. Please note that all images, video and text submitted will become the property of World View and must have the necessary permissions, particularly if images of minors are included, to be posted to the World View website.

Deadline for submission is February 3, 2020. Recipient will be notified by February 18, 2020.

Read about past recipients

World View Scholarships

Limited scholarships to attend World View’s spring seminars are available for teams of four educators from under-served K-12 school districts, schools or community colleges in North Carolina who are interested in forming a partnership with World View.

Contact Charlè LaMonica at (919) 843-9408 or to learn more.


James L. Peacock Scholarship Recipients


2020 – Consuelo Maria Johnson, Duplin County Schools

The 2020 James L. Peacock Scholarship has been awarded to Ms. Consuelo Maria Johnson, a middle grades math teacher at Rose Hill – Magnolia Elementary School in Duplin County. Maria has attended several World View professional development programs including seminars and workshops and has traveled with World View to both Moldova and Costa Rica on short term study visits. Maria has integrated her experiences with World View in unique and meaningful ways to help bring the world to her students.

Maria says that “I have learned new skills and strategies to help my students to better understand and apply reasoning and problem-solving skills in a more effective manner . . . My students are more engaged and excited to take on new challenges. I have noticed that many of my students are now interested in learning more about different parts of the world and aspire to one day travel abroad and throughout the US themselves.” To learn more about how Maria has brought global education into her classroom, click here.


2019 – Consuelo Schwartz, Pitt County Schools

World View is excited to announce the recipient of the 2019 James L. Peacock Scholarship. Consuelo Schwartz is a Spanish teacher and World Languages department chair at South Central High School in Pitt County. Consuelo attended World View’s program on East Asia in March 2018 and traveled with World View to China in summer 2018. Consuelo was engaged and enthusiastic in both programs – with an open mind and adventurous spirit, she was always willing to try something new. To incorporate the learning experience into her school environment, Consuelo created a culture kit of artifacts from the study visit to share with educators in Pitt County and developed curriculum materials to integrate these experiences into her instruction. In her role as Spanish teacher Consuelo focuses her lessons on not only learning the Spanish language, but also the geography, political status, food, products, practices and perspectives of different Spanish-speaking countries.


2018 – Jonathan Permar, Guilford County Schools

The 2018 James L. Peacock Scholarship winner was Jonathan Permar, Director of Social Studies for Guilford County Schools. In his current role Jonathan supports and drives global education efforts in his county. He is working to build a network of global educators who connect with each other, with resources and with professional development opportunities.

Jonathan wrote, “My principal first introduced me to World View with a Latin America and NC Seminar. It gave me content I incorporated into my teaching that year, talking about the experiences of those immigrating to the United States – and provided an interesting comparison between both previous and current push-pull factors for humans’ migration. Likewise, that experience gave me insight on ways to integrate my students’ personal stories into my classroom instruction, so they not only saw themselves in the content but others learned more about the world around them.” Jonathan continues to have a deep love and appreciation for cultural difference and global awareness. He attended both the Building Stronger Bridges: Cultural Respect and Equity in the Classroom Seminar and the East Asia: Traditions, Trends and Transformations Seminar in March 2018 with teams of educators from Guilford County.


2017 – Stephanie Morgan, Pisgah High School, Haywood County, NC

Stephanie Morgan received the 2017 Peacock scholarship to attend World View’s “Latin America and North Carolina” seminar in March 2017.

She infuses her math classes with global content and skills learned at a 2016 spring seminar and fall global symposium and creates globally-relevant lessons for her students. For example: At the spring seminar, a session given by Professor Greg Gangi on the German Energiewende provided her with lots of charts and tables that could be analyzed. Graph analysis in and of itself may not sound global, she states, but being able to present such to her students within a global context while also being applicable to the green energy discussions prompts students to think about global issues within a math classroom. In Chadd McGlone’s Global Math Stories session in the fall, she gained a resource that presents issues from given global regions in mathematical context and forces students to use mathematics to solve the issue. The Iron Ore Express, for instance, fits wonderfully into her Math I curriculum by asking not just for linear equations, but also making comparisons between types of equations her students study. Again, points out Stephanie, this gives a global context to the mathematics students learn.

Great educators listen and discuss, evaluate and encourage, inspire students and aspire to improve him or herself as an educator every day. Stephanie Morgan does this every day, preparing students to become thoughtful global citizens who will be collaborative and competitive in the global marketplace.


2016 – Stacy Jarrell, Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC

Stacy Jarrell received the 2016 Peacock scholarship to attend World View’s “Building Bridges: Cultural Respect and Equity in the Classroom” seminar in March 2016. She serves on the advertising and graphic design faculty at Pitt Community College in Greenville, NC, and had participated in World View’s study visit to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in July 2015.

She returned to the classroom after that study visit and developed an innovative design project to connect her students to her experience abroad. Each student created a hypothetical grower of coffee, a staple of Costa Rican daily life, conceived a brand and designed its packaging. In brainstorming names for their growers and conceptualizing logos, students researched Costa Rica, explored the developing practice of permaculture, learned about the roasting process of the coffee bean and, of course, shared some brew. The globalized activity taught creative design and marketing concepts in a global context, educating students and connecting them with the culture of Costa Rica and its unique location, lifestyle and people.