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Eye-opening. Invigorating. Transformative.

These are words educators use to describe World View experiences.
World View has provided high-quality global professional development for educators since 1998.
We equip K-12 and community college teachers, administrators and staff with knowledge, best practices and resources that prepare students to engage with our interconnected and diverse world.

Content-packed Experiences

Our team draws on extensive global networks and years of experience working around the world to create high-impact programs and resources for educators.

Expert Presenters from Every Discipline

World View programs feature scholars, journalists, business professionals, nongovernmental organization experts, instructional specialists and others who bring deep knowledge and broad experience translating complex global issues and offering practical solutions for classroom engagement.

Not-for-profit, University-based

As an outreach of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we are motivated by our public service mission to leverage the resources of the University to offer affordable, accessible, leading-edge programs and resources that educate our state and our world.