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Nicholas Allen | February 11, 2020

The Choices Program at Brown University

The Choices Program recently shared a set of resources about Black History Month. Explore their entire collection of teacher resources or browse the relevant content below.


What was it like growing up in Alabama under Jim Crow?
“In this series, Representative John Lewis describes growing up under Jim Crow, his involvement in the civil rights movement, and his decision to go into politics.”

What was your daily work like in small communities in the South?
“In this series, Judy Richardson describes her experience in the civil rights movement, including her work with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.”

Why is it important to commemorate the history of slavery in the United States?
“In this series, Renée Ater of the University of Maryland examines the purpose of historical memorials and provides analysis on several memorials to slavery.”

Curriculum Units

The Haitian Revolution
Students trace the development of the American colonial world and one of the greatest wealth-producing colonies in world history. They consider the groups involved in the conflict and reflect on the legacies of one of the most successful revolts of enslaved people in history.

The Civil War and the Meaning of Liberty
Students probe the history of the United States from 1830 to 1865 and consider the experiences of people in the United States as well as the issues driving the political confrontation over slavery and the meaning of liberty.

Freedom Now: The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Students trace the history of the black freedom struggle from Reconstruction through the 1960s. Readings and activities focus on the grass-roots movement to achieve civil rights for African Americans.

Other Related Content

Colonization and Independence in Africa
Students explore Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, consider the changes colonialism imposed on African governments, economies, and societies, and examine ways Africans responded to European colonialism.

Freedom in Our Lifetime: South Africa’s Struggle
Students examine the history of South Africa and the development of a race-based society, the effects of apartheid, and the use of violence by some members of the anti-apartheid community.

Nigeria: History, Identity, and Change
Students explore Nigeria’s history—from the precolonial era to the present—and consider the future of Africa’s most populous country and the world’s largest black country.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance shared a webinar called Latinx History is Black History about celebrating the diversity of Black History Month.

Images from The Choices Program at Brown University.