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Hazael Andrew | December 1, 2020

Global health resources are of particular importance to educators of all disciplines because of the novel coronavirus’ (COVID-19) continued impact on schools and institutions of higher education. At UNC World View’s community college program, Global Health: The Changing Prognosis , experts in the field of global health discussed and shared resources on numerous global health topics, including pandemic and ethics, supporting students and educators in allied health programs, globalizing a curriculum in the health sciences and addressing health literacy in schools and communities.

The opening speaker, Dr. Jim Thomas, shared about the Pandemic Ethics Dashboard and other pandemic ethic resources, including over 30 webinars on numerous global health topics that could be useful for educators as they contemplate creative ways to engage students during this unprecedented time. The program also included an insightful panel discussion with leaders addressing the role of hospitals, businesses and community colleges working together for the greater good of community, state and nation.

At one of the program’s concurrent sessions, Nandita Mani, Director of the UNC’s Health Sciences Library and Terri Ottosen, UNC’s Community Engagement and Health Literacy Librarian suggested these health literacy resources for curricula integration while recommending MedlinePlus for reliable and trusted health information. Another session featured Marianne Baernholdt, Professor and Associate Dean for Global Initiatives at UNC School of Nursing sharing strategies for globalizing a nursing curriculum while reminding participants that the World Health Assembly designed 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. Nurses are playing an integral in the frontlines of the COVID-19 response around the world.

Given the continued relevance of global health, how to teach global health during a pandemic could be a helpful resource for educators. We at UNC World View are looking forward to continued engagement with partners about global health resources during this challenging time.