World View has partnership agreements with over 151 schools, school systems and colleges throughout North Carolina. There is no partnership fee, but World View Partners commit to making global learning a priority for all educators and students. Partners must increase the emphasis on educating teachers and administrators about the realities of globalization in the twenty-first century to prepare students to live in an interconnected and diverse world. Partners frequently send a team of educators to World View’s fall and spring professional development programs and at least one administrator to the Global Education Leaders Program. Partners also are encouraged to send a key educator on one study visit a year.


The partnership between World View and a District, School or Community College is one in which World View provides services and information and the Partner provides commitment and support to its own educators participating in World View programs. Partners benefit from a formalized relationship and are acknowledged as a Partner on the World View website.


Programs World View will provide include the following:

  • Fall Symposium – space for one team (four or more educators). A K-12 global issues symposium is held every October in Chapel Hill at the William and Ida Friday Center.  A Community College Global Education Symposium is held every November
  • Spring Seminars – space for one team per seminar. Two back-to-back seminars focusing on world regions and/or global issues are held every March. Back-to-back scheduling gives a team two seminars with only one more day away from school.  Spots will be held until March 1 before the seminars.
  • (Optional) Study Visit Abroad – 20 spaces are held for World View partners on a first come, first serve basis for a study trip to a foreign country planned and led by our faculty.
  • Global Education Leaders Program – A week-long institute to help educators in leadership positions to plan and implement programs that will increase global understanding. The program includes a focused track for K-12 classroom teachers. Space for one key administrator or teacher. Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • World View to You! – World View offers Partners on-site mini sessions, or half and full day workshops to help educators from all grade levels and content areas bring a global perspective to the classroom.
  • Workshop on Global Issues Specifically Designed for Partners – an August workshop on globalization is held at a different partner site each year and there is no registration fee for Partners to attend.
  • Online Course – A six week course on global education and 21st century skills. Offered regularly.


Services World View will provide the partner District, School or Community College:

World View can link Districts, Schools or Community Colleges with university resources for the following purposes, among others:

  • Help teachers infuse the curriculum with a global focus.
  • Help your faculty globalize the curriculum through planning sessions at World View programs.
  • Assist teachers in developing new courses or curriculum topics on global issues.
  • Connect your faculty to area studies specialists and international resources at
    UNC libraries along with an e-newsletter.
  • Provide resource contacts in the areas of global studies.
  • Provide grants for Community Colleges. Through the NC Global Distinction Program, World View provides grants to educators from selected community colleges to globalize their courses. The grant includes a visit to Chapel Hill where grantees work with UNC librarians and faculty.


Responsibilities and Requirements of the District, School or Community College

  • Support an emphasis on teaching students (and teachers and administrators) about the realities of globalization in the twenty-first century and prepare them to live and work in an interconnected and diverse world.
  • Select and send a team to the fall symposium and the two spring seminars. There is a registration fee and a discount for teams.
  • Send a key administrator or teacher to the Global Education Leaders Program. There is a moderate fee.
  • Send a key educator on a Study Visit Abroad (Optional). 40 spaces total are available, 20 of which are held for World View partners on a first come, first serve basis.


For more information and/or to explore partnership please contact Charlé LaMonica at, or (919)843-9408.

UNC World View
230 E. Cameron Ave.
CB# 8011
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

We look forward to additional partnerships between World View at UNC-Chapel Hill and new Districts, Schools and Community Colleges.