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Exploring Indigenous Cultures of North Carolina: Part II, THE PRESENT

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 6-8, 9-12, Community College, K-5

This brief slide deck and associated text provides background information for teachers using any of the lesson plans developed as part of the 2021-2022 UNC World View Fellows Program, Exploring Indigenous Cultures: Ancient North Carolinians, Past and Present. Educators are welcome to use these slides to introduce or enhance any of the lessons…
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From Artifact to Art

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 6-8, 9-12

3D printing is the perfect connection between science and art. Seeing artifacts in a museum is one thing, but holding an artifact in your hand is quite another. In this lesson, students will examine scans of archaeological artifacts, and will learn how to translate 3D scans into printable files. After…
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From Shakespeare to Siouan: An Investigation of European and American Indian Cultures

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 9-12

In this lesson students will explore American Indian lifeways during Shakespeare’s lifetime, AD 1564-1616. They will compare American Indian culture during that general time period in North Carolina to that of Shakespeare’s Elizabethan England and consider what may have caused conflicts between the two groups following European settlement and colonization….
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Identity through Storytelling

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 9-12

Students will consider the many ways stories are communicated, not just through words, but also through material culture, to consider how identity is created based on the objects and architecture that surround us today and in the past. Archaeologists call these objects “artifacts” when referring to material culture recovered from…
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Impacts of the Atlatl and Proving Their Effectiveness Mathematically

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 9-12

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to the atlatl, an instrument or spear-thrower used by American Indians in North Carolina to aid in hunting, and to examine this instrument from a mathematical perspective. In doing so, students will use prior knowledge of circles to understand the concept…
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Indigenous North Carolinians Interactive Resources

Year: 2021-2022 | Level:

This set of resources provides students with introductions to Indigenous North Carolinian cultures, including those of the Cherokee, Coharie, Haliwa-Saponi, Lumbee, Meherrin, and Waccamaw-Siouan tribes. The “playlists” feature interactive slides that bring students to resources including recorded performances, a short documentary, and museum sites discussing featured artifacts.

Knowing Our Neighbors: Acknowledging and Honoring Indigenous North Carolinian Histories

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: Community College

Students will research the Indigenous peoples that once occupied the land on which they now live, work, or go to school, ultimately determining which of the eight state-recognized tribes lived in their region using the Ancient North Carolinians website. Focusing specifically on an area / county of North Carolina, students will investigate artifacts from…
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Modeling the Garden Creek Mounds

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: 9-12

The Garden Creek mounds are located approximately 1.7 miles from Pisgah High School, along the Pigeon River near Canton in Haywood County, North Carolina. After learning about the history of the periods in which these mounds were constructed and the history behind them, students will model the amount of earth…
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Name that Artifact!

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: K-5

In groups of 3-5, students will analyze models of 3-D artifacts using the UNC Research Laboratories of Archaeology’s Ancient North Carolinians website. During analysis, students will make observations of their artifact–describing its characteristics, and using those descriptions to make predictions about what the artifact may have been used for. Students will…
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Site Excavation

Year: 2021-2022 | Level: K-5

Through the Excavating Occaneechi Town online module on the Ancient North Carolinians website, students will learn the five-step procedure archaeologists follow during site excavation. Students will then conduct their own excavation process of a fictional site, plotting artifacts on a grid, and drawing conclusions about the lifeways of the people that lived there.